The Advance Team

Doug Brockway

Founder and Managing Principal for Advance Consulting, Doug is a management consultant helping CXO’s and CIO’s set direction for and manage the effectiveness of IT. He focuses on IT strategy development and related IT governance and management practices.  Doug applies Lean, Agile, Design Thinking and related frameworks in his work.  He is skilled in project and program management; twice leading Agile development efforts.  Doug has applied his analytics and modeling skills to IT workload/resource benchmarking, IT spending analyses, SaaS product pricing models and operational staffing models.

Dan Ruggles

Dan is a senior management consultant with more than 25 years of technical consulting experience and 15 years of corporate IT financial services for domestic and global banks. Extensive experience in developing solutions supporting business plans. Managed concepts and plans through full implementation life cycle and helped companies set up IT governance frameworks to operationalize their technical infrastructure 

Bart Perkins

Bart is the founder of Leverage Partners, with more than 30 years experience leading IT efforts for major corporations and consulting firms. He has experience in: creating global IT strategy, gamification, social media in business, IT governance, project and program management, vendor management, and global IT management 

Bill Kelvie


Bill is a Financial Services executive who has had a distinguished career in information technology as a management consultant, Chief Information Officer, entrepreneur and advisor. He currently serves on the boards of several start-ups and financial industry forums.  Some of his prior roles include: Chairman and founder, Overture Technologies, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Fannie Mae, Managing Partner KPMG/Nolan, Norton New York.

Ben Porter

A practical consultant and thought leader in IT Strategy and Management, Ben has created, built and managed world leading management consulting companies focusing on the strategic use of information technology. He has led an array of Fortune 500 companies through the development of IT vision, strategy, and delivery of strategic business value.

Ben has served as Vice President for Technology Management at Fidelity Strategic Investments (IT oversight for the Fidelity Capital companies), ran the program office for Biogen Idec, and has been a consultant to companies ranging from biotech and pharmaceutical, to petroleum, capital markets, lending, packaged goods, media, grocery and more.

Paul Clermont

Paul has over 30 years of varied experience in information technology (IT) strategy, planning and management. He has worked extensively in the insurance and banking industries, the U.S. Government and not-for profit organizations, providing services ranging from strategic planning and direction to improving management and work processes in the design and construction of information systems. He brings a clear, practical view of how IT can transform organizations and what it takes to direct both business and technical people toward that end.