About Miratech

Miratech's Difference

Miratech, headquartered in New York City, is an outsource service provider with a global footprint, superior talent, very low attrition of staff or clients, long-term relationships.

Miratech’s world-class expertise in highly productive collaborations is fostered through our Managed Competence Center® employing bespoke governance structures and delivery models. Our culture of Relentless Performance enables over 99% of Miratech’s engagement to succeed by meeting the project scope, timelines and budgets. In fact, Miratech often exceeds these contractual benchmarks.

Miratech meticulously measures every aspect of a project through Function Point Methodology to accurately define the projects complexity, skills needed, delivery dates and costs. Miratech predicts every possible place a defect can occur and we plan every contingency to solve it fast if and when it does occur.

The company provides the World’s Best Talent and integrate teams (Miratech’s, Client’s, Yours and Other’s) through our Managed Competence Center to ensure business and technical leadership is aligned and governance is in place. Miratech's Live Dashboards provide minute by minute views into every aspect of the project, so we proactively solve issues. 

Miratech is 30+% more productive than competitors and save money while delivering superior value.

Miratech has created unique servicing levels to ensure clients get exactly the resources most appropriate for their initiatives. From team extensions to managed engagements to complete turn-key departments Miratech provides high performing solutions. Each solution is tied to performance benchmarks that ensure success. Whether a time and materials contract, a fixed service level agreement or a success fee tied to the overall financial performance of the organization. Each and every Miratech engagement is focused on success... delivered with flexibility and achieved through our unique culture of Relentless Performance.

Miratech History

Founded in 1989, Miratech is headquartered in New York and has operations in Finland, Israel, Norway, Poland, Philippines, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and Ukraine. Miratech serves its customers globally, covering 560 locations.

Today, Miratech is Software CMM Level 3, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005, and ISO 22301 certified. Recognitions include the Global Services 100; the Software 500®; the NOA’s Outsourcing Professional Award; the EOA’s Award, The Global Outsourcing 100® and Best Five Companies in Eastern Europe, by IAOP®. CIO Review Magazine special edition on Banking Technology recognized Miratech among 20 Most Promising Banking Technology Solution providers.

Miratech Core Values

Miratech’s Relentless Performance is derived from these Core Values:

· Know our Client, and Listen; 

· Thrive in Complexity; 

· Earn Trust Through Reliability; 

· Strive for Versatility

By partnering with Miratech to deliver greater value through Relentless Performance, Advance Consulting looks forward to helping our customers succeed.